Microsoft Yammer

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) that comes as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. It allows for Facebook style communications with people both inside and outside of your organisation.  You can think of Yammer as being Facebook in the business world, where friends are replaced with colleagues, ads are replaced with corporate reminders, and updates are related to events, questions, business information and social events.  Yammer integrates with other Office 365 apps, allowing you to make your workplace more social.

Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in 2012 and began to be rolled into Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) suite in 2014.  It is currently used by 85% of fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The Facebook comparison works strongest when it comes to Yammer’s user interface and feature set.  Many users finding familiarity in the layout and tools, including instant messaging, an update feed, @mentions, likes, groups, polls, hashtags, and announcements.

Yammer can be access via the web-based Office 365 App launcher, as well as apps for Microsoft Window and Mac OS.  Apps are also available for iOS (iPhones/iPads), and Android devices to keep your mobile work force connected.

Yammer is a place where business owners and management teams can post updates, requests for feedback and announcements in an open and transparent way. This makes it easier for employees to respond, provide suggestions, and ask questions.

Another great benefit of Yammer is that you can create external groups or completely external networks to collaborate with external clients and vendors.

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