Using Zoom video conferencing safely

A number of clients have started to use Zoom video conferencing, which has become very popular due to remote working and social distancing. 

Like any application, we recommend that you keep up-to-date with the latest version.  Updates are required to resolve any known issues or vulnerabilities that may have been discovered.  The security settings that you put in place will also help to reduce risks.

How to use zoom safely

  • Do not share the link publicly  – Sharing meeting links and passwords over social media or unencrypted emails should be avoided where possible.
  • Use a strong password – The meeting host can configure a meeting password.  This should be enabled and combined with a strong password.
  • Use the waiting room option – The meeting host can configure a “Waiting Room”, allowing the host to approve each participant when joining the conference.
  • Set screen share to ‘host only’ – The meeting host can set who is able to share their screen during the call. You can set to only allow the host so that they can control what is shown during the meeting.
  • Control who is allowed to record the meeting – Zoom allows you to record your meetings, and whilst this is useful feature, it may have some privacy and security issues. The meeting host can decide which of the participants can record the call through the Zoom meeting app.

Updating the Zoom client

Periodically, the Zoom client will prompt to check for updates which should be actioned. You can also click on your logo (top right) and then manually click ‘Check for Updates’