Centralised Patch Management

Patch management requires a centralised view of the applicable patches that are installed on endpoints (Servers, computers, laptops, mobile devices), that are used by your company or organisation.  Patch management is the process of detecting, downloading, testing, approving and installing new and missing patches.  This allows administrators to identify systems that need attention, so that appropriate measures can be taken to keep endpoints and networks safe from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

Why is patch management so important?

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in the past decade, with hackers becoming more and more creative with ways to exploit vulnerabilities. One of the most common entry points for these attacks is through unpatched systems. Every time a security patch is released, the attackers become aware of a new vulnerability that can be exploited (in unpatched systems).  This allows hackers to start probing networks for a known weakness/vulnerability.

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Readycrest recommends the use of ManageEngine Desktop Central, which provides a completely automated patch management solution for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as third-party applications such as Chrome, Firefox and Adobe (for example).

Key Features

  • Automatically test and approve patches before deploying to endpoints.
  • Periodic patch scanning – A patch scan is automatically initiated on a schedule to scan for missing patches with the results being reported back to a Desktop Central server.
  • Scheduled patch deployment – To avoid bandwidth issues and ensure system availability, updates can be scheduled on a convenient day and time, with the use of customisable deployment policies.
  • System health policy – Desktop Central allows you to classify the health status of endpoints that you are managed by Desktop Central, providing a graphical view of the patching status within you company or organisation.
  • Declining of patches for specific applications or for compatibility reasons.
  • Centralised install/uninstall of software and removal of prohibited software from end endpoints.
  • Asset Management – keep track of your hardware and software assets.

Desktop Central is available in 3 different versions, each with different feature sets to meet your business requirements.

Please call Readycrest on 01634 661166 for more information, or send an email to desktopcentral@readycrest.co.uk