HOW TO: Search emails by date range with Advanced Find feature

You can configure the Advanced Find criteria to search emails by specific date range, such as between two dates, before a certain date, or after a certain date, etc.

1. Select the email folder where you will search emails by the specific date range, put the cursor into the Instant Search box to activate the Search Tools, and then click Search > Search Tools > Advanced Find. See screenshot:

2. In the opening Advanced Find dialog box, please go the Advanced tab, and (see screenshot below):

(1) Click Field > All Mail fields > Received;
(2) Select the between from the Condition drop down list;
(3) In the Value box, type the date range in the format of <Value 1> and <Value 2>, such as <2016/3/1> and <2016/3/31>;
(4) Click the Add to List button.
Note: For searching emails before (or after) a certain date, please select the on or before (or on or after) from the Condition drop down list, and then type the certain date into the Value box.

3. Now the searching criteria has been added into the Find items that mat these criteria box. Keep selecting the added searching criteria, and click the Find Now button. See screenshot below:

Now all emails received in the specified date range are found out and listed at the bottom of Advanced Find dialog box. See screenshot below: