Configuring Android devices with Exchange Server

What you will need..


First and foremost, you will need an Android phone with a data plan. You will also need a working Microsoft Exchange account that is available externally to your company.  The following information is necessary in order to set up your Exchange account:

  • Exchange server address (this will most likely be an OWA address).
  • Username and password for account.
  • Domain name for account.


Note:  This information can be obtained from your Readycrest support representative.

Step-by-step instructions..


  1. Open the application menu.
  2. Open the Mail application
  3. Enter your full email address followed by your account password and then click Next.
  4. You should now be presented with three options (POP3, IMAP and Exchange).  Select Exchange.
  5. Enter your exchange username in the form of domain\username and your account password (the password may already have been stored from the above step).
  6. Enter your exchange server name. (i.e. if you access Outlook Web Access using https:\\\exchange then simply enter
  7. Check to enable  ‘Use Secure Connection (SSL)’ and then select Done.  (Note: you may also need to check Accept all SSL certificates)
  8. Continue configuring the remaining options as desired then tap Next. These options should be how often the email is checked, the amount that should be synchronized, to sync contacts from the account in question and whether or not to notify the user when new mail arrives.
  9. Assign an account name and display name to this account