Configuring a Windows Phone 7 device to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server

By | September 28, 2011



1. Browse to ‘Settings’ on your phone

2. Select ’email and accounts’

3. Select ‘add an account’

4. Select ‘advanced setup’

5. You will now be prompted to enter your email address and password.

Note: The email address should be your default email address (i.e. normally the email address that appears on your business card). The password is your standard network password (i.e. the password you enter when you logon to your office computer).

6. Select ‘Exchange ActiveSync’

7. Please check that your email address and password have been populated and then insert the required domain and server information.

Note: The domain and server address will be provided to you by your Readycrest support representative.

8. Please make sure that ‘Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection’ is ENABLED.

9. In the account name field, please enter a friendly name to reference this email account (E.g. Company Email or Work Email). This is the name that will appear on your Windows Phone 7 and can appear as a tile on your home screen.

10. Configure the rest of the exchange settings to your personal preference (I.e. contacts, email and calendar synchronisation settings).

11. Select to ‘Sign in’

Your Windows Phone 7 device should now start the synchronisation process. Depending on the chosen settings this may take some time.