Blackberry Internet Service – How to change login mode


BlackBerry Internet Service provides new BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers with an Automatic Login feature that does not require a username or password to be typed when accessing the account directly from the BlackBerry smartphone.

To change from Automatic Login mode to requiring a user name and password, and to use a computer browser to access the BlackBerry Internet Service, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Setup Wizard or E-mail Settings icon.
  2. Press the Menu key and click Create User Name.
  3. The BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber will be prompted with a screen stating that this is a permanent change. This change allows access using a computer browser as well as the BlackBerry smartphone.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter a valid user name and password and click Next.

    Note: Please create a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by others (for example, by including punctuation marks, numbers, capital and lowercase letters) and that does not include your name or account name. Maintain the confidentiality of your password.

  6. The BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber may then log in to the wireless service provider specific web site using the username and password to access the BlackBerry Internet Service account from a computer browser. Navigate to the wireless service provider web site or go the Email Setup page. In the Get started from your computer section, select a region and then click the wireless service provider link.