ACT! Has Detected The Protexis Licensing Service May Not Be Started Or Installed Properly!-has-detected-the-protexis-licensing-service-may-not-be-started-or

You are attempting to register the Sage ACT! program and receive the error: “ACT! has detected the Protexis licensing service may not be started or installed properly”.

This error can be caused by a damaged Verdana bold font. To determine if this is the cause, check the ACT! Log Viewer for the following error message:
Error Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. —> System.ArgumentException: Font ‘Verdana’ does not support style ‘Bold’.
To Check the ACT! Log Viewer

1. Open a Windows® Explorer screen and browse to the location:

· 32-bit operating system: C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows

· 64-bit operating system: C:\Program Files(x86)\ACT\Act for Windows

1. Locate the file Logviewer.exe and double click on it to open the ACT! Log Viewer screen.

If the error is listed in the ACT! Log Viewer you will need to replace the Verdana font.
To Replace the Verdana Font

· Open the Windows Control Panel, select Fonts, and delete the existing Verdana.tff font.

Attached is an installation file for the Verdana font. To use this file

· Rename to verdan32.exe

· Double click on the saved file and follow the installation prompts.

Missing Psiclient.dll File
This issue can also be caused by a missing Psiclient.dll file. Use these steps to determine if this is the cause and resolve it. 

1. Using Windows® Explorer (the My Computer or Computer icon), browse to the following location:

· 32bit operating system: C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows

· 64bit operating system: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows

1. Determine if the following file is present:

· Psiclient.dll

2. If the file is present, this is not the issue.

3. If the file is not present, it can be copied from the installation media and pasted into this folder.

4. Browsing the installation media (disc or download), the file will be located in the path:…\ACTWG\program files\ACT\ActInstallDir.

5. Right click on the file and select Copy. Then browse to the C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows folder, right click in the folder and select Paste.

6. Reboot the computer and launch ACT!.