WatchGuard AuthPoint – Add a secondary authentication device

With AuthPoint, you can use more than one device for authentication. For instance, you might have a work phone and a personal phone, or you might want to use a tablet or other device outside of the office.  To use multiple devices for authentication, you must activate a separate token on each device you plan to use.

  1. Install the AuthPoint mobile app on the mobile device you want to use for authentication.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to your company IdP portal address, where you will need to authenticate to log in.  Note:  Readycrest Support will be able to provide your company portal address if unknown).
  3. Click and select Activate a Mobile Token.

  1. Type your password. Click Next.

  1. Open the AuthPoint app and scan the generated QR code to activate your token.

When you authenticate, you can use any device with an active token.

When you authenticate with Push, a Push notification is sent to each device that has an active token. You can approve the Push on any of those devices to authenticate and log in.