SonicWall Capture Client

The ever-growing threat of ransomware and other malicious malware-based attacks has proven that client protection solutions cannot be measured based only on endpoint compliance.  Traditional antivirus technology uses a long-embattled signature-based approach, which has failed to match the pace of emerging malware and evasion techniques.


SonicWall Capture Client is a unified endpoint offering with multiple protection capabilities. With a next-generation malware protection engine powered by SentinelOne, Capture Client applies advanced threat protection techniques, such as machine learning and system rollback. Capture Client also leverages the deep inspection of encrypted TLS traffic (DPI-SSL) on SonicWall firewalls by installing and managing trusted TLS certificates.


Continuous behavioural monitoring of the client helps create a complete profile of file activity, application and process activity, and network activity. This allows for protection against both file-based and file less malware and delivers a 360-degree attack view with actionable intelligence relevant for investigations


Multiple layered, heuristic-based techniques for protection include cloud intelligence, advanced static analysis and dynamic behavioural protection. These helps protect against and remediate known and unknown malware.


No need for regular scans or periodic updates enables the highest level of protection at all times without hampering user productivity


Unique rollback capabilities also support policies that not only remove the threat completely but also restore a targeted client to the state before the malware activity initiated. This eliminates the need for manual restoration in the case of ransomware and similar attacks


Cloud-based management console reduces the footprint and overhead of management. It also improves the ability to deploy and enforce endpoint protection, wherever the endpoint is.