Setting up Exchange Email on Android – Ice Cream Sandwich

Setting up Exchange Email on Android – Ice Cream Sandwich

From the Home screen go to Settings (the exact method of accessing the ‘Settings’ menu will vary from device to device). From the Settings menu tap Accounts and Sync and then Add account


On the Add account screen tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync


On the Add Exchange ActiveSync account screen enter your email address and password and tap Next


The device will then attempt to configure your email settings for you. If your server is running Exchange 2007 or 2010 and has ‘autodiscover’ correctly configured then it should configure the rest of the settings automatically.


Alternatively you will receive the following message. Tap Edit details


Enter you username in the form Domain\user name, your password and Exchange server details (please email to ask for server details if you do not have them). Tap Next


Depending on your device a message similar to the following may appear. Tap Next.


Depending on your email server configuration you may see the following message. Tap Continue


Once the device has connected to the server the following options will be presented which allow you to configure how often you want emails should sync, what period you want to sync and whether you want to sync Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. Choose your preferred options and tap Next


Finally give the email account a name ie. ‘work email’ and tap Done