ModernMix – Run Modern (Metro) apps in a window on your desktop with ModernMix™

By | March 13, 2013

ModernMix is a  program that lets you run Windows® 8 “Modern” apps in a window on the desktop.

Windows 8 Modern apps, also known as Metro or RT apps, will use the full screen on your display regardless of how much of the screen they really need.

As a result, that weather app, mail program or stock ticker is going to use the entirety of your computer display.


  • Run modern apps in windows
  • ModernMix enables you to run multiple Modern apps in individual separate windows on the desktop as well as launch them from the desktop.
  • Modern app window sizes are remembered the next time you launch them.
  • Pin modern apps to the taskbar
  • Active Modern apps will also appear on your taskbar where they can be pinned for quick access later.
  • Bring back the familiar Windows look
  • Standard Windows 8 title bar is enabled for Modern apps.
  • Explicitly close Modern apps by clicking its close button.


Run Modern apps in windows

Pin tasks


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Note:  This application hasn’t been fully tested by Readycrest.