HOW TO: Schedule a Teams meeting with someone external to your company or a Guest user

If you have the Microsoft Teams Desktop client installed, Outlook automatically enables the Microsoft Teams add-in.

To schedule a meeting click New Appointment from the Outlook Calendar view

In the ‘New Appointment’ window select Teams Meeting from the ribbon bar

As you can see from the screen shot below the meeting invite has the link to the Teams meeting at the bottom for attendees to click on when the meeting time comes:-

Continue to create your meeting by filling out the recipients, subject and selecting the time and date you want the meeting to take place and then send to the selected recipients

Who can attend these meetings?

Anyone with an email address!

1. A User With No Microsoft Account at all – Just Need An Email

Anyone with an email, internet connection can access the call via the browser, simply by clicking the ‘Join on Web’ button:

Whilst the resulting interface is quite restricted for the attendee on the web, you cannot share camera or screen, but can view other members shared screens, it is still a really good way to have a conference call in Teams…without all attendees being in Teams.

2. A User With any Office365 account, as a Guest User

If you have an MS account then you can still use the web link as above however by click the ‘Open Microsoft Teams’ option and signing in with your MS account you will get a much richer user experience of a meeting within Teams.