How to safely destroy data on your HDD (Active@ KillDisk)


Active@ KillDisk allows you to destroy all data on hard disks, SSD & USB disks completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders.  It’s a hard disk drive sanitising tool and partition eraser utility.  If you use FDISK, FORMAT utilities, or the standard operating system DELETE command for data removal, there is always a chance to recover the deleted files.

KillDisk is available as freeware (with limited functionality) or a chargeable Professional version.

The freeware version includes…

  • One Pass Zeros erase method
  • Erases all data on HDD, SSD and USB disks completely
  • Detects and resets disk hidden areas (HPA/DCO)
  • Wipes out all unused space on disks, not touching existing data
  • USB Plug’n’Play disks fully supported

The professional version also includes…

  • Supports 23 security standards including DoD 5220.22-M
  • Bootable Disk Creator that allows you to boot from CD/DVD/USB into Windows environment, and erase or wipe out your system disks
  • Supports Verification, Batch Mode, Emailing Reports, Certificate customization, PC Shutdown after completion


Version 10.1 can be downloaded from here….

The latest version can be downloaded from