Configuring iPhone and iPad (IOS 7) devices to connect to Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes.

By | October 2, 2013

Please follow the instructions below for connecting your iPhone or iPad to an Exchange server (the screen shots below are taken from an iPad running iOS 7 so may differ slightly from your own device).

At section 8 you get the choice of what to synchronise in terms of Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

1. From the Home screen, click the Settings icon.


2. In the Settings screen, click Mail, Contacts, Calendars



3. Click Add Account



4. Click Exchange



5. Enter your Email address, Password and, optionally, a Description for the account:
Tap Next



6. The device will show ‘Verifying’ as it attempts to ‘autodiscover’ the correct settings



7. Should the device fail to automatically discover the correct settings you will be prompted to enter the information below


Email: Enter you email address
Server: server address
Domain: Leave blank
Username: Enter your username
Password: Enter your password
Tap Next

8. Once the account has been validated, select which Exchange features you wish to synchronize with your phone, tap Save.


At this point, your device will start to synchronize information with your Exchange account.