Exchange Defender – Email Quarantine Reports

Exchange Defender

Following the release of Exchange Defender 7 the way in which the quarantine reports are generated has changed.

From now on you will only receive an email report if you have had any email quarantined since the last report was generated.  Before ED7 emails would have sent out regardless and it was seen that many people would tend to ignore the reports as they were always blank.

The idea now is that people are more likely to look at the email report if there is actually email included to review.

There are other way in which you can check your quarantine live without having to wait for the email.  Allow me to remind you of the options available.

Exchange Defender Admin Portal

At any time you can go to the following link and login to check your quarantine. 

Your login will be your primary email address and password, which can be found by hovering over the Click Here link in one of your email reports.  If you cannot find your password let us know and we can reset this for you.

Outlook and Desktop Agents

You can also download and install the Outlook 2007 Agent or the Desktop Agent to show a live view of your quarantine.  Please note that the Outlook agent only works with Office 2007 and above.  If you are using Office 2003 or previous version you will need to use the Desktop Agent.  Both can be downloaded from the following link under the shortcuts section

Be agents need to be configured with your email address and password which can be gained from an email report as pointed out previously.


If you have any questions about the use of the Exchange Defender quarantine please let us know.