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How to Find Your IP Address on a Mac

Click the Apple in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select About This Mac. Click More Info. Select Network on the column to the left. Find your IP address. It will be in the upper-right portion of that window.

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How to us the PING command on MAC OS

Click on Go >  Applications > Utilities > Network Utility.              Click on the Ping tab and specify a host. You can type a specific IP address or a website. For example, to ping the eBay’s main web server, type ping To have your Mac ping itself, type Hit Ping. If the site/host… Read More »

How to find the MAC address on a MacBook?

Click the top menu Apple icon. Click ‘About This Mac’ Click ‘More Info…’ The next click depend OS with OSX you are using- In Mountain Lion, Click ‘System Report’ then click ‘Network’ and ‘Ethernet’ The MAC address will be next to Ethernet in the lower right pane. In other OSX versions, Click ‘Network’ and the… Read More »