Talk Talk – The Harbour exchange Data Centre

By | July 6, 2011


Network monitoring has identified network problems at Harbour Exchange (Data Centre). This is a major service outage impacting Tiscali UK, AOL and B2B services. SMPF, MPF and Carrier Ethernet circuits will be impacted with customers experiencing Data issues such as loss of connectivity and slow speeds. Some voice services will also be impacted nationally and internationally whereby customers may experience call failures. Our engineers have advised that we have lost 100Mb and 10Gb circuits as our network node (6/7 Hex) located in Harbour exchange data centre is currently offline. Any traffic traversing via our network node (6/7 Hex) will fail to route with approx 100 CORE circuits impacted.
Area Code: No area codes selected

Latest Update
Engineers on site at the Harbour exchange data centre advise that they have restored mains power supply to customer equipment on the 7th floor. Traffic that was impacted by the Hex 6/7 node has now been observed following the restoration of power. Our NOC engineers are currently checking the residual alarms with incident restoration still to be confirmed. Further updates will be communicated accordingly, once received.

Incident Duration – 0 day(s) 1 hour(s) 26 minute(s).
Service Affecting Status – Incident is Service Affecting.
Service Affecting Duration – 0 day(s) 1 hour(s) 29 minute(s).
Potential Number of Customers Affected: MPF Unknown, SMPF Unknown
Tickets Raised to Date: 0

Technical / Suspected Root Cause
Root cause has not currently been identified.
The next update will follow on Wednesday 6 July at 13:40 or upon receipt of further information.