London Telecoms Outage

By | March 31, 2010


Currently there are widespread telecom issues in London effecting areas including Bank, Barbican, Marylebone, Fulham, Central London and areas around Regents St and Euston

It has been reported that there has been a major fire in the Paddington Exchange.

If you are receiving inbound but not outbound calls, then try to prefix your calls with 1280 (after the 9 if you have to dial that to get an outside line), as this could help route through currently working lines. If however you have no inbound or outbound access diverts can be put in place via your telecoms provider.

There is no time scale on as the damage has not been assessed fully.

UPDATE: 13:30

“A fire at a BT building in central London is causing widespread landline, internet and mobile network problems, according to reports.

A blaze at Burne House in North Paddington was reported this morning.

According to Gradwell, a business ISP, 437 local exchanges and up to 37,500 Datastream circuits have been affected. It said the fire was having nationwide repercussions on communications.

Vodafone has told customers its network was also hit by the incident.

BT has not yet returned a call requesting more details. We will update this story if and when it does. ®”