Fasthosts – Anouncement: Email Access


Today, Wednesday the 26th of January, a number of customers have experienced issues when attempting to log into Webmail or connect to their mailbox.

This was traced to hardware failures, which in addition to a particularly high quantity of traffic across our email servers, caused excessive load across our remaining email platform. Our engineers quickly diagnosed the issues and worked hard to replace the faulty hardware, while also adding additional hardware to cope with the increased load. However, individual servers were overloaded at this time and started to fail.

Once the additional hardware was added back into our mail platform we worked to bring email back online. To avoid any re-occurrence of overloading, this has to be completed in a methodical and measured manner, bringing back online services one at a time until full system stability has been restored.

Unfortunately, replacing hardware and bringing the platform online can take a little while, and this was the principle reason in the length of time that email services were affected.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

Date Created: 07/09/2009 03.18 PM

Date Updated: 26/01/2011 02.33 PM