ExchangeDefender 7 Upgrade

Exchange Defender

In a few moments we will begin the upgrade of our network to ExchangeDefender 7. The process will be seamless to our users and we don’t expect any issues. We are prepared for the unexpected issues and here are some suggestions:

1. Sign up for the Network Operations Blog updates (

2. If you don’t like web / RSS feeds, check out our Twitter feed (

3. Make sure you have distributed the User Guides to your end users so they can navigate the new User Interface. Link to end user collateral is here.

During The Upgrade

Check here first. We will be posting updates here and to the Twitter feed as soon as we identify and document a bug.

If you see an issue that has not been addressed, open a support request at

Call us at +1 (407) 209-3276 if the issue is urgent. Note: This number will be discontinued after the launch on June 1, 2011.


May 30, 11 PM EST: All services have been upgraded to ExchangeDefender 7. All tests have confirmed that sites and services are completely operational.