Exchange Defender – LIVEARCHIVE Upgrades

Exchange Defender

Over the past two months we’ve seen a tremendous growth of ExchangeDefender users and utilization of LiveArchive. The increased load has prompted us to begin planning an upgrade for the LiveArchive hardware and network.

Throughout the month (Starting Friday) we will begin to bring the new hardware online and move selected databases to the new hardware. Due to the sizes of the databases, we will have to do a “dial tone” like migration. A dial tone migration will allow us to instantly switch the database that a user is assigned to without moving their previous mail. The whole purpose of the dial tone based migration is to constantly provide service to users without any downtime.

LiveArchive was designed to provide on demand access to new mail for a domain in the event of a local outage. In keeping this core concept in mind, users will always have access to their mailbox and any live mail during the migration. Unfortunately, in doing a dial tone based move, we will then have to merge the old mail content and the new mail content back together.

We will be doing the upgrades one database at a time, and moving a total of 10 databases to the newer hardware. The entire upgrade is estimated to take up to a month to complete.

In short, as we move each database, each user on that database will lose access to their previous mail until the move and merge is complete, but they will have the ability to work with live mail during the transition.