Entanet – Emergency Maintenance


Tuesday 24th May 2011, 00:00hrs – 02:00hrs

We have identified a fault condition affecting several of our core routers. Due to the short time between the router logging this issue and it rebooting unexpectedly we will be rebooting the following routers in the above window:-

  • amsterdam.core.enta.net
  • bristol.core.enta.net
  • glasgow.core.enta.net
  • scolocate.core.enta.net


This fault has already caused the unscheduled reboot of the following routers:-

  • telford-dc1.core.enta.net
  • leeds.core.enta.net
  • cardiff.core.enta.net.


We are continuing to monitor for this fault on all our core routers, we have also taken advantage of the issue to upgrade the IOS on the affected routers as this is probably a software bug. This new IOS was due to be installed in upcoming planned work.